Vodafone Tower Agreement

These locations are maintained as the best in class and there is minimal impact on the operation and maintenance of these towers. There are different tour options like a Camouflaged Monopoly, a Ground Base Tower or a Roof Top Tower. Europe`s first tower infrastructure platform with more than 68,000 towers in 9 Vantage Towers markets is the largest and most diversified in Europe, with more than 68,000 locations in 9 markets – it holds a position #1 or #2 by location in almost all of them. It will have a controlling stake in eight markets: Germany, Spain, Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Ireland («Consolidated Vantage Towers»). Vantage Towers will also hold a 33.2% interest in Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A («INWIT») in Italy, with co-control rights under a shareholder agreement with Telecom Italia. Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited`s («CTIL») portfolio of 14,300 sites in the UK can be complemented by the inclusion of Vodafone`s 50% stake in CTIL. References to Vodafone refer to Vodafone Group Plc and references to Vodafone Group relate to Vodafone Group Plc and its subsidiaries, unless otherwise stated. The references to Vantage Towers are either a reference to a member of the group of companies and investments involving the activity of Vodafone European described in this announcement, or the group as a whole, depending on the context and unless otherwise stated. Vodafone, Vodafone Speech Mark Devices, Vodacom and the future are exciting. Ready? are trademarks of Vodafone. Vantage Towers is a trademark of Vantage Towers. The other product and company names mentioned here may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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