Vagrant License Agreement

If the command prompt can`t show the Chief Habitat license, the product with the output code 172 fails. If Chef Habitat cannot keep the accepted license, he sends a STDOUT message, but the product call continues successfully. However, in a future call, the user must accept the license again. 5. Compensation. Except in the case of a free assessment license, the company considers the licensee to be liable to third parties resulting from the violation of a product of a U.S. patent issued sixty (60) days or more before the delivery of such a product or copyright or a misappropriation of a trade secret, provided that the company is informed without delay of all threats , related claims and procedures and receives appropriate support and the opportunity to take exclusive control of the defence and resolution; The company is not responsible for a transaction it has not approved. The above obligations do not apply to a product or to one or more parts or components of these products (i) not by companies (e.g.B. third-party software), (ii) manufactured in whole or in part to the specifications of the taker, (iii) that are modified after delivery by the company, (iv) in relation to other products, processes or materials if the alleged violation relates to such a combination (v) whether the taker continued to violate an alleged violation as a result of a contrary notification or as a result of notification of any modification that would have prevented the alleged violation, or (vi) if the purchaser`s use of that product is not strictly in accordance with that product.

The licensee will compensate the company for any damage, cost, comparison, legal fees and expenses related to (I) any claim of violation or embezzlement that is excluded by the previous rate of the company`s compensation obligation, or (II) any other claim related to the product, its use or its dissemination. These products are usually installed on a user`s workstation. Two methods are usually used to accept the license of these products: this assumes that you created a Vagrantfile file for your project and that you have used at least once vagrant up. For more information, see Vagrant`s official documents. You declare that each of your articles is your original creation (see section 7 for submissions on behalf of others). You state that your contributions contain full details of a third-party license or other restriction (including, but not limited to related patents and trademarks) that you are personally aware of and that are related to some of your contributions. In addition, the Chef license can be accepted via the omnibus configuration file. Enter chef_license `accept` in the head-server.rb or supermarket.rb configuration. 3.

Restrictions. We have all the rights, titles and interests on and about the software, as well as all the intellectual property rights that are related to it and with our company. We are re-signed all rights to and from the software that we do not expressly grant you in this agreement. You agree not to assign, transfer, transfer or distribute the software to third parties, or to authorize or authorize: (i) the sublicensing, sale, rental, leasing, assignment, assignment or distribution of the software to third parties; (ii) host the software for the benefit of third parties; (iii) to disclose or allow third parties to access the software; (iv) hack or change the license key or try to avoid or change a licensing process that we could implement; (v) modify or create works derived from the software or merge the software with other software; (vi) decompiling, decompiling, decompiling the software in a completely or partial manner, or in some other way to redirect it or try to infer all or part of one of its codes, unless these activities are expressly authorized by law despite this prohibition; (vii) modify, conceal or remove any mention of ownership contained in or on the software or documentation; (viii) use the software in a different way