Transportation Agreement Army

(ii) Military Sales Abroad (SGF). FMS is delivered via specific consolidation sites for the Security Assistance Program (SAP) in accordance with the requirements of the delivery code (DTC), as stated in the Military Support Program (MAPAD) address directory. The contractor contacts the DLA Distribution or the DcMA Transport Office (see paragraph 1) (a) of this purchase note) in order to obtain correct transit instructions. (1) The DCMA Shipping Instruction Request (SIR) is a web-based system that contractors and transport specialists use to enable transportation management for contracts managed by DCMA. The contract agent must include in each invitation and any contractual measure the requirements for the transport of DLR objects, as required by the military service concerned. The military division`s DLR specifications set the requirements, including, but not only: packaging, packaging, labelling, delivery locations, z.B. . B. Requirements, delivery deviations, transit payment and all associated contractual clauses.

If necessary, the delegate can define the DLAD requirements for the DLR elements. (2) If a supplier`s shipments are from outside the bordering United States, the supplier must be in its F.O.. B. The transport of the original prices to a coherent us site, which the supplier chooses on the basis of profitability or other variables at the discretion of the supplier, in its F.o. The location chosen by the supplier becomes the starting point for the purposes of the original conditions.b the invitation or the premium. The provider identifies this consistent site in the United States as a removal point in the ship seller module ( 2. The contractor determines its processes, controls or transportation costs. The contractor may submit an offer based on f.o.b. provision if it offers better value to the government.

a) Use the VSM to inform the government that the equipment is ready to be shipped. The government can take up to two (2) full business days to plan the issue. The pickup must take place within five (5) business days from the supplier`s notification. The contractor has sufficient time to schedule delivery and transport of standard soil for its equipment to arrive at its destination until the date of contract delivery (CDD). c) A contract agent may remove the FDT from a premium if a contractor`s own transportation procedures, controls and costs are in the government`s best interests at the time of the assessment. The holder must include documents in the contract file to justify the withdrawal of FDT. «State-organized transportation» means that the government is responsible for transportation costs, the provision of the carrier and the planning of the pick-up of the shipment based on a correct communication of the contractor in VSM (see purchase note C20). d) Before sending TP1, TP2 (IPD 01-08), 999, NMCS, contact the Gnizant office, regardless of the original distance to APO/FPO. Shipments of parcels for transport with Military Air (MILAIR). (a) Supplier Shipping Module (VSM).

The VSM is a web-based system that enhances DLA`s ability to plan and manage distribution. It is an information technology system that provides transparency during transit (ITV), offers current delivery addresses and can reduce transportation costs.