Golf Club Membership Agreement

Contributions: the fees to be paid for your affiliation category in accordance with your affiliation contract. DRESS CODE/PERSONAL CONDUCT: Appropriate clothing and footwear are required at all times in the device. Barefoot is not acceptable anywhere in the Clubhouse. Inappropriate, bad and/or indecent language or behaviour is not acceptable and results in your membership being suspended. By signing up for our monthly membership options, you accept the minimum requirement of 3 months for para, 6 months for Birdie and 12 months for Eagle membership before you can terminate membership. Members must be present at all golf reservations and cannot book golf simulators on behalf of non-members. 8.1 You acknowledge that we may need to close all or part of our club from time to time to carry out renovations or repairs, and that this may disrupt our provision of services. Subject to paragraph 8.2, you accept that such a disturbance does not constitute a substantial offence. We will always be careful to minimize any inconvenience caused.

ASSIGNMENT: Clubhouse may sell this agreement and, provided the assignee agrees to take over Clubhouse`s obligations in this agreement, Clubhouse, after notification of the assignment, will be fully relieved of these obligations. You understand that you cannot assign your membership to another person. THE POLITICAL MODIFICATIONS, FACILITIES AND PROGRAM: The clubhouse may occasionally introduce new facilities or programs that are available to members for an additional fee. Clubhouse may edit and change institutions` guidelines and regulations from time to time or change its membership fees. You acknowledge that Clubhouse can change dues at any time; However, provided That Clubhouse notifies by e-mail any changes in regular contributions to monthly membership holders. You agree that the new monthly membership fee (plus taxes due) will be charged on each periodic anniversary after the effective date of this amendment, unless you announce your monthly membership fee (plus taxes) on each periodic birthday date after the effective date of this amendment, and that you authorize Clubhouse to charge your monthly membership fee (plus taxes) of your card. Clubhouse reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate the affiliate program without notice, at its sole discretion. You agree that Clubhouse membership does not involve credit renewal or sales in the retail business, as Clubhouse does not charge a financing fee and you can terminate membership at any time. Empty, where forbidden. 11.8 You can freeze your contract at any time by providing us with a 10-day period and with the payment of an administration fee of USD 5 per month of freeze of your subscription (which will be recovered by permanent order on the first day of each month of the freeze period) (Freeze Period) (Freeze Period). A freeze period must be at least three calendar months and comes into effect at the beginning of a calendar month. The maximum duration of a freezing period over a 12-month period is 6 months.

The freeze period should always cover the full periods of the calendar year. 3.4 Acceptance of an application for membership is exclusively left to the discretion of the association`s management and does not support the rejection. 11.7.1 We significantly reduce Club 7.4`s facilities or opening hours We will automatically withdraw the standing order each month until your contract is terminated in accordance with paragraphs 6.2.2, 7.5 or otherwise depending on your contract. Please note that we do not give you any warnings about your permanent payments. If your membership has the benefit of a free period, we will suspend the collection during this free period and we will start again with the collection on the renewal date.